Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Photo wall

Oh! I am so excited! We have a photo wall at last in our new hallway.
Today I took my "Miffy" cross stitch into the framers to get framed. (Isn't framing expensive??!!!)
While I was there I chose a mixture of frames to out some photos in that I had had printed off eons ago! I came home and with the husband's help out them up. It is a start with a few more frames to put up. Another project of mine started.
It has cleared the mantel piece in the lounge of frames too and I will probably use it to store a whole bunch of my favourite books which are currently stacked up in large piles on top of the bookcase , as said bookcase is packed to the gunnels!

I have just ordered the most sweetest cross stitch kit from Canada - I have discovered the most sweetest blog - - if you are into cross stitch and knitting and cooking and design/ house stuff, you will love it!

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