Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 18 April 2013


*Apple turnovers from the best French bakery in town and my mug bought in Sydney
*autumn outside my bedroom window
*a gorgeous giraffe on its way to the port to sail to Melbourne Zoo
*another sock
*picking up my summer cross stitch again
*sock obsession - all New Zealand made and either wool or merino and TIGHTS! Can't wait for colder weather to wear them
* new book "The Rosie Project" by an Australian author Graeme Simsion. About a guy with aspergers who is looking for the perfect partner. I was laughing on page 2. (we have a son with mild aspergers.) Recommended to me by several people.

***** one more sleep till hols ******


  1. Great things to love, especially seeing a giraffe stuck in traffic! And another book to put on my Amazon wishlist, thank you.

  2. Oh this post has reminded me of a time when we were over in Ireland, in traffic we came to a stop and in front of us truck with a rhinoceros and his head was sticking out the back, we had to do a double take, trouble was it was before there were camera phones otherwise we would of had a picture.

    The stitching looking great, as are the socks .