Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Seasons Swap and a winner

Here's my absolutely divine package I received from Melanie in England. I decided to choose summer as a theme, as needed a bit of brightness after our drab winter. (It is spring now and it has been very warm and I'm already in my full summer wardrobe, but the warmer temps are playing havoc with my asthma too!) She is such a clever sewer and has made me a really cool chicken pincushion. It now sits on my window sill in the bedroom with the strawberries (so sweet in a dish alongside them).
I'm looking forward to hanging up the lantern (in yellow - my favourite colour); using the recipe book and baking cupcakes. I love the fabric too - might make a cushion cover.
Thank you so much Melanie - really neat to get a package during the school hols!

Thanks everyone for your comments on Friday's blog post - school is topsy turvy for  many - lots of staff have left this year - it is just a crazy time of the year. More staff might even leave in a couple of months - we don't know as yet. I've done back to back uni papers all year round for 2 years in a row now and am feeling it! 3 weeks of pain to go, then a big break. I'm lucky I have a fab husband and a ton of spare time :)

and HOORAY - Elaina is back!

Penny - you are the winner of the 100th blog post goodies - I've e-mailed you :)


  1. Lucky you, Melanie is a fab swap mama, we swapped earlier this year, such thoughtfulness. Love the chicken and cute. Just think positive happy thoughts of all the work you have put in, nearly there...I am sure you will do so well, you seem so

  2. what a lovely parcel .. don't you just love the Postman xx.. oh! and the swapper who put the parcel in the post too of course xx

  3. Oh my goodness, how adorable is that chicken and strawberries! What a lovely thing to get in the post - and all the way from England too. Fantastic effort. Thank you for sharing xx