Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 22 October 2015

Send us your Christmas Swap 2015

Melanie has just reminded me about my annual Christmas Swap and if I'll do it again - so here it is!
Please feel free to share on your blogs - last year we had a fab 30 odd bloggers taking part.

 The rules:

The items must be in a one litre container (eg., icecream/margarine/Sistema container).

They can be some of your favourite things and some of your partner's favourite things.

Something handmade (decoration/bag/dishcloth/zippered pouch etc), tea, stationery ,craft goodies, Christmas things, food items etc - the choices are endless.

Try and put at least 2 Christmas based items in the swap.

Include a Christmas recipe - maybe a family favourite and a decoration (one which is representative of your own country would be fab).

There is no limit to the number of items sent - it all just needs to fit inside a one litre container.

Sign up by commenting below - sign ups close November 10 and parcels must be sent off by December 5 at the latest.

This is open worldwide - if you only want to swap within your own country, please state where you live too and I will do my best.

I will list the partners a few days after on the blog - it is up to you to get in contact with your partner and switch details.

Any questions/comments, let me know. Have fun!

Please feel free to share the swap on your blogs.


  1. Oh yes , count me in honey..xxxmaria

  2. Oh nearly forgot UK if possible please Kimberley.xx

  3. As I asked I'd better sign up. U.K. If possible but I don't mind worldwide if you have an odd number. Thanks for hosting Kimberley xxxx

  4. Yes I'd love to swap again this year :) Happy to send worldwide

  5. happy to join in don't mind sending overseas x

  6. Yes please can i join up, don't mind sending overseas

  7. count me in please kimberley, I'll be posting the cracker swap shortly too xx happy to post worldwide x

  8. Another Christmas swap! Huzzah! Can I send in Europe if possible, please?!