Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 8 January 2017

They're home and another completed project!

The 2017 Send us your Country Swap is here.

The two scouts are back. They apparently had the time of their lives at the 21st New Zealand Scout jamboree. I've done 4 loads of washing... well I do think one kid barely got out of 2-3 changes of clothes over the 10 days... you know... teenage boys. Lots were like it apparently. Few had showers too. It's an experience I guess!!

The bedroom floor looks like this - yep - I'm in scout badge geekiness heaven! The new ones are still to put on - there are over 60.. I think I really might outsource this job to someone else for the first time in my life. It kills my sewing machine and my hands!

And today I finished another knitting project! This hat (Lodgepole) was started in March 2017 and is knitted in lovely Quince and Co wool. I knitted a medium size which is a it snug, but hopefully with a good block it will fit better!
Now to figure out what the next project to finish is! Pleased that this year has already seen 2 long term projects completed!


  1. I sew my husbands patches on to an old army blanket.. I used to struggle. Then I tried using my free motion quilting foot... it went like a charm. No need to turn the blanket and it stitched easily

  2. My son managed one shower in 10 days!! Posting your badges off today.