Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 13 April 2017

at the mo

The city is fast being shut down in advance of Cyclone Cook. I dropped one kid off at uni and then they promptly shut it down at 11am. The bus queues out of the city are crazy... the boys' school has just shut home too - tow fo them are delighted as tests that were being held today have been cancelled...

This one kid is awesome. He has realised he needs some help around exams and went armed with his last Education Psychology report to the uni assessment centre... I am blown away by their help - another assessment (where some data coming out is a bit scary around his processing speed and working memory...). Data shows that more than likely he will have a laptop for exams... This is all free, which is an absolute godsend as it costs thousands privately. I am so, so thankful for his high school and the huge help he got to pass major school exams.

All I'm doing lately is thinking about the New Zealand education system - it terrifies me, whether low or high decile schools. I'm a bit sad as I'm watching more and more incredible teaching staff walk away. I received a gorgeous gift yesterday and the most sweetest and kindest card from a teacher leaving, but I am finding the emotional toll really, really hard going now.

I shopped this morning - a dress. Ethically made in New Zealand - it will be the one and only item I buy all winter. I've some new Italian wool fabric to make the rest of my wardrobe.

And hot cross buns (although we will also make our own tomorrow).

I'm looking at the mess on my bedroom floor... I'm hoping my inspiration/motivation buried under neath all of that pops up...

Please stay safe New Zealanders ; get out of your house if you need to; don't drive anywhere; fill your water bottles up; have cash; fill your car up....

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  1. Gorgeous dress! Hope you and your family will be safe during the storm!