Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 28 December 2011


Well I really should make a better effort to blog!
Christmas has been and gone - gone for the better after my sister whacked me- she hated being called bossy obviously. Oh well. Next Christmas will be quieter and more peaceful! I have a life to live!

Am full on with my cross stitch sampler of all the places the husband and I have lived. I am aiming to have it finished by the time the school holidays are over.
The Little Craft Shop in Pt Chev has one on display - I want mine framed identical to their one!
Driving back home yesterday , I was delighted to discover that the wool shop on the outskirts of Taihape was open! As soon as I figure out how to download pictures onto this blog , I will! It is gorgeous wool - enough to make some socks , a scarf ( found the new stitch I am going to teach myself to do!) and a jersey or jacket for moi!
Need to un - roll a whole lot of the jersey that I started for the middle one too, as cannot find enough matching wool! Will need to put some stripes in it. Actually need to find the pattern for it!

Off to cross stitch - I love these lazy days! The builder has turned up too - must post some pics of the house renovations as well!