Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 29 June 2015

Crafty exploits

I think you can track my school terms by my knitting. Last term it was another cardigan; this one here, using gorgeous wool by Meraki, was knitted in 6 weeks, this term. Someone else needs to be home to take a pic of me wearing. I love it and had just the right amount of wool!
I finished a blackberry stitch hat too, which, quite frankly, did my head in many times. I finally got the pattern after about 3 un-dos and more than half way through the pattern. I do like how it came out.
My cousin Jackie from Dunedin and I are doing a knitting swap with each other. We have given each other one of our most favourite skeins of wool and are knitting each other something as a surprise.
This most gorgeous and amazing shawl was hand delivered to me a week ago. I feel so very lucky! The wool has a wee bit of sparkle through it too.
Poor Jackie - her wool she gave me is still perfect in its skein. I think I finally know what to knit her but feel very daunted as her knitting skills are amazing.
Amazing talent runs all through our families - my Auntie Rayma turned up with this absolutely incredible wall hanging for me plus the most divine needle case which she had also stitiched! WOW.
I was blown away! My mum and other aunt and Jackie have no idea what I had done to deserve such amazing gifts (neither do I! ;) ), but I am so thrilled at all of the items made for me. These are the best gifts, with so much time and love and talent spent on them!
I've also nearly finished a pair of plain socks for another friend. I need to decide on several things to start knitting, as will be captive on a train for an 11 hour journey next Monday - Auckland to Wellington, with the boys. It will be fab but a l-o-n-g journey. Lots and lots of knitting time!

Sunday 28 June 2015

Taking Stock June 28, 2015

Making : just cast off another cardigan for me - knitted in 6 weeks
Cooking : the husband is as well as the new groovy cafe over the road :)
Drinking : tea - many cups
Reading:The Goldfinch. AMAZING
Wanting: the school holidays to hurry up and come
Looking: forward to the Auckland - Wellington train journey in a week
Playing: board games every night in front of the fire - Manifest is our newest game
Deciding: what to knit next
Wishing: the holidays were already here (like two of my lucky children!)
Enjoying: relaxing weeks after last essay written for the semester
Waiting: patiently for the Swiss nieces to arrive (or do they see themselves as british or dutch or kiwis??!)
Liking: getting 9 loads of laundry done this weekend and showers scrubbed and scrubbed
Wondering: how may of the 3000 library books out will come back (ha!)
Loving: lazy days
Pondering: what wool to buy for the next cardigan
Buying: not a lot! I've been very good lately on the whole!
Watching: Westside
Hoping: week goes fast
Marvelling: at the independence of my teens
Cringing: at husband's beloved sweatshirt
Needing: a holiday (there is a theme here!)
Questioning: why support staff at schools are treated like garbage by the union/government
Smelling: vanilla tea
Wearing: bright red jeans!
Following: my own rules :)
Noticing: how far the school has come with a new principal
Knowing: that school is getting better and better
Thinking: That, at the moment, I cannot be bothered doing any more study!
Admiring: new rocking teachers
Sorting: clothing
Getting: loads achieved all round
Bookmarking: knitting patterns on Ravelry
Coveting: Orla Kiely shoes still
Disliking: little mail in my letterbox
Opening: boxes of brand new books at school
Giggling: at students and the things they say
Feeling: pretty content
Snacking: nuts
Helping: teachers constantly - i love it
Hearing: Split Enz from the teenagers bedroom

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Dishcloth/Mug Rug Swap 2015 Partners

Hello everyone. All of a sudden it is freezing. And I'm up in the warm north! The fire has been going since 4pm - luckily we picked up a trailer load of firewood this past weekend. There has been major flooding down south and my parents are very lucky they were not flooded - mainly due to have a higher porch and steps.

here are the swap partners - please get in contact with your partner and swap addresses etc.

Kimberley and Knit, Bake and Cultivate

Tracy and NZ Green Buttons

Jo and Glenda (no blog -

Indigo Blue and Cally

Melanie and Maria (Melanie - I'll contact you with Maria's details)

Have fun! Any queries/issues , please contact me.

Kimberley x

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Beautiful things

* new shoes as a treat for myself for completing 5 university papers in 18 months (gave me blisters today though!). A Danish brand via Melbourne
* cannot get enough of this tree in our backyard - day after day of gorgeous-ness
* and a few new Johnson plates (first time I have ever found these in New Zealand) and a Kelston Potteries bowl picked up from an op shop last week in Te Puke. Still kicking myself over the Crown Lynn gravy boat I left behind which was a perfect match for a sugar bowl and jug I already have! Anyone driving through Te Puke at anytime? ;)

Monday 15 June 2015

one of those weeks

I've just had one of those brain numbing weeks. Not thinking. Just being in a robot mode. Un-ravelling knitting, constantly. And then again. And again.
And, sadly, ending with a tangi. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. The dad of my best mate. A real privilege to be able to witness the full on community spirit, the warmth of a tiny rural community, with a high Maori population. This was the marae where the tangi was held. Stunning and beautiful, with a feeling which is hard to describe in words. RIP Louis.

Monday 8 June 2015

2015 Dishcloth/Mug Rug Swap

It has been a year since  I last held the dishcloth swap, so time for one again. I'm adding in a sewing option too, for those who can not knit or crochet.

Rules -
Knit or crochet a dishcloth OR sew a mug rug. Choose another couple of kitchen items (ie tea towel, cookie cutter/s, baking items, kitchen utensils etc) and something sweet to send to your partner too.
Open worldwide. Please state whether you are happy to post international or not.
Signups by June 21, 2015 by leaving a comment below.
All parcels to be posted by July 24, 2015.
Please make sure I can contact you via your blog.
And please feel free to share via your blog too.

Kimberley xo

Wednesday 3 June 2015

It has been driving rain with thunder, lightning and hail thrown in for hours - days - on end!
Lots of knitting of a new cardigan. I adore the wool (meraki studio).
Last university essay at 95% finished. Due in tomorrow night. I will be so glad to see the end of it, but this really has been the best university paper (Teaching Pasifika Students in a NZ context).
Loving how my desk looks at night time under lamp shade.
Lived at the desk for weeks!
Getting a thrill out of seeing my lounge in the Globug advertisement on-line.
Looking forward to no more study for weeks and weeks and A LOT of knitting time.
Making pumpkin soup and chicken noodle soup. And home made apple pies.
And I'm doing well running solo while the husband is in Melbourne. Yet more books are coming home with him!