Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 27 March 2020

Day 5 for me; Day 2 for the country

Well.... it takes sitting in isolation to get a blog going again! I'm on day 5 of isolation.
Last Friday (on a teacher only day) I woke up wheezy and coughing. I jumped in my car, drove to school, got there, looked at the small room where 15 of us were to spend the day and though NAH. Spoke to principal and drove home again! Made a doctor appointment for Monday.
Monday didn't go to school, appointment face to face cancelled, but had phone conversation with doctor. She said in no uncertain terms was I leaving my house for weeks/months until the risk of catching covid-19 was low.
Two hours later our lovely prime minister Jacinda gave all of New Zealand 48 hours to prepare for level 4 of lock down (on the Friday she had presented to the country levels of covid 19). Schools were given an hour and then into lock down. Over half the school hadn't even turned up - I had 3 students show! Schools were to be kept open for 48 hours for essential workers to find childcare.
No students showed up after the Monday at my school, so we just shut down.
Even a week ago NZ only had under 100 cases, none in ICU, no deaths, and about 5 in hospital. All overseas travellers.
There is now community transmission at a local girls school, with students from my own son's school having had connections with this school on a bus.

I'm gutted for my students - there is no way we even thought NZ would move so fast on this ( and I am SO THANKFUL we did !). Most of my students do not have devices, they do not have internet. parents don't have e-mail addresses. Most of them don't even have pencils and paper in their houses.
I will print stuff off at home and mail to them... but it probably is really only busy work, as lots of parents are ESOL and can not help their children. I'm gutted I didn't pile my students up with readers, like I normally do.....

I could ring them, but I think that will just upset me... I might e-mail the few that have e-mails today.

So I'm writing letters (have nearly run out of letters to reply to) - mail is still *apparently* going through, so I have been posting in mail box ever day - luckily I ordered new stamps a week ago, as post offices are shut, as well as mail order stamps. I'm knitting the sleeve on my Timely cardigan. I've sewn cushion covers for the wooden dining room chairs. I'm watching "Offspring" 10 years after everyone else. Everyone keeps to themselves in their own room.... we have space as the eldest moved out last weekend.

Keep well everyone, STAY AT HOME.