Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 29 June 2017


This is my second Thursday off work with zero study to do (don't worry university starts again in about 3-4 weeks, but I'll only be doing one paper/course next semester, which will seem like a breeze!).
Oh how I've loved it! It reminds me of why I stayed at home with the boys for about 10 years when they were young. But now, they're all at school and it's a bit more about me!
I've been ticking things of the list - things which I have been meaning to do for months!

Last week it was to the upholsterer; op shop and food shopping. Today it was back to the upholsterer with fabric chosen; books posted which had sat by my front door for months; to the supermarket (I can seriously go for weeks without grocery shopping - good husband does it - he likes it that way as he spends less than me...); and I finally rang the curtain place to get a quote and measure - the bedroom has only been finished for about 4 months... (the poor child has a cushion sqaub that he puts up in a window at night....). Slowly ticking the list!! And I recycled so much paper from university!
Oh - I open a cupboard and go "oh"... so much stuff! It is moving o-u-t of the house!

Then late this afternoon I cut out, overlocked and sewed a summer pj top! Yeah! Loving my day off!!

Saturday 24 June 2017

Slow weekend

It's 11.59am on a Saturday morning. I just dragged myself out of bed half an hour ago. I'm now back on it, cosy blanket over my lap, with my sock. knitting. The weather is pretty average, so maybe I'll sit here all day long and have a knit feast!!

The eldest is running around Melbourne, Australia for a decent amount of time after finishing semester one university exams (the first big overseas trip by himself - he is with a mate - he knows Melbourne backwards and will be doing some work at the business there too); the 13 year old is still asleep, and I know the 16 year old is awake, but i haven't spotted him yet. Soccer was postponed this morning due to a closed field.

I had a fabulous Thursday - my first without study! I knocked off little things like taking things to the op shop (4 trips to the car!), sorting out 2 chairs for the upholesterer, clothing bin drop off, butchery, cleaning shower doors, multiple loads of laundry, getting photos sorted to be printed, cleaned surfaces (oh the surfaces and the laundry on couches - pile gone now!) ... all the stuff which I have been meaning to do for months! I've written a to do list - it is substantial!

Here's to a slow weekend (and a walk through a new road tunnel before the cars enter... i think this tunnel is about to make my journey to work v-e-r-y miserable due to new on-ramp lights and I'll be sitting forever waiting to get ON to the motorway... good way to clog up suburban streets....)

Tuesday 20 June 2017


I've made a few woolly and fabric purchases over the past few months.

These gorgeous ones were from Ashford in Ashburton - I had never come across the Tree Children yarn - all the colours were divine - but this is the last of it, as the label was folding.
 I so adore Happy Go Knitty yarns - picked up at a pop up sale. There is Yak and silk in there!!

 Another Ashford purchase
 I also went to a wool festival out west and came home with these delightful numbers - another Happy Go Knitty; Rosewood sock and Stray Cat sock wool. Some new dyers to me.

 And I was very lucky to win this from Maniototo wool!

And fabric bought the same day as the overlocker - Victoria and Albert/ William Morris fabric and japanese lawn. All beautiful.

Now just don't ask me what I am going to make with any of it, as I don't have a clue!

Sunday 18 June 2017

The Enchanting Rose's Tea and Mug Swaps

In what really seems like a century ago, I participated in The Enchanting Roses' Tea and mug swap. This meant that I had two different partners to send a tea cup plus a mug to and then also received back a tea cup and a mug from two totally different people! These two people are a total surprise until your package arrives!

Thank you to Stephanie for hosting - I am so far behind with so many things in my life due to my 55-60 hour weeks! Slowly catching up and I'm back to a 27.5 hour week which is incredible!

Stephanie herself sent me a gorgeous mug package - all beautifully wrapped with so many fun layers to open! Tea, stationery, craft items, a heart. All divine. (I could only find the wrapped pics - this is SO long ago, that everything in the package has been either used or put away to use, so it is all over the place!)

And I sent my teacup to Elisha in Queensland, Australia enclosing a dishcloth, tea towel, biscuits and tea as well.

I sent the mug to Maria in PA, USA (no blog) as well as stationery, a dishcloth, keyring, a notebook and pencil.

I also received a gorgeous teacup - just trying to find the photos!

I'll be holding my annual dishcloth swap shortly. 

Saturday 17 June 2017

a new toy

Bought a month ago but in quarantine until I had finished university essays and exam. Now whizzing away on it, making a new pair of winter pj pants for me. It is gorgeous to use; the threading was not too bad and I adore the finish rather than zig zagging!
Oh the possibilities!

Friday 16 June 2017


Oh these photos were taken so long ago to me - two months ago in the last school holidays and we've now only got 3 more weeks till the next school holidays!
I did this trip to Christchurch to catch up with a good mate April. We also did a little road trip through Ashburton, Temuka and Timaru - all new to me towns.
But these photos are of Christchurch - still a massive construction zone after the February 2011 earthquake. I still struggle making any sense, whatsoever, of where I am in the city bit - nothing connects to me at all and I got totally lost, even if there is not much there still.
The Cathedral is still in ruins - I think a final decision on the way forward (or maybe it will be bowled??) will be made later this year. Businesses and shops etc are slowly opening again. There is definite progress. It is probably because I didn't know the city hugely well before might be the reason i struggle to map out where I am...
It must be exciting being in a city which will be virtually re-built and seeing all the amazing architecture going up!