Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 31 August 2012


I made lamingtons for the first time last weekend to take to a soccer BBQ.
They were good but I did take them out of the oven earlier than the recipe said and think it could have been earlier still as they were slightly chewey. They did seem popular though!

The recipe is from Tana Ramsay's "Real Family Food" cookbook.

For the sponge:
3 eggs
75g caster sugar
125g self raising flour
25 g cornflour
3 tbsp hot water
25g butter softened

For the chocolate icing:
500g icing sugar
75g cocoa
15g butter, softened
125ml milk
450g coconut ( I didn't weigh mine)

Oven on at 180C/ 350F
Grease cake tin (18x28cm it says but I used a different size)
Beat eggs until thick and creamy
Beat sugar into eggs
Sieve in flour and cornflour
Gradually add water and butter, stirring until smooth
Pour into greased and lined tin
Cook for 30 minutes
Remove from tin and cool right down

Sieve together icing sugar and cocoa
Mix in butter and milk
Whisk until smooth
Put bowl over a pan of hot water and stir until glossy
If chocolate icing too stiff, add another splash of milk

Cut sponge into pieces until completely and dip into chocolate and then roll in the coconut!


Thursday 30 August 2012

Extracurricular activities

I forgot to write about the Market Fair at school. Particular children were fighting and I had to go and referee! Over what?! The usual i would say in most houses - computers!!!
Every 2 years they go to school camp. Fees this year are $190 and so he school holds a market fair to try and get the cost down. All the students get into small groups and have to organize a food item that they will make and sell at the fair.
They need to work out volume of ingredients used , how much everything will cost and then go back to school with a budget for quantities and money needed. The school buys the ingredients and the students then have to make their items for sale.
Our team this year made donuts - a huge hit! The school opens for 1.5 hours and all the families come along and have dinner - it is such a fun event and keeps the cost of camp down for parents.

For a few years I did very few after school activities - I feel too many kids do too much and with my work at a school it was exhausting driving around after school! We have always done soccer and cubs/scouts. The
Middle kid is into everything! The elder kid does zilch and has done for years and the younger one just got into soccer this year, he did start drums but dropped out much to my disgust ( in so want a drummer kid!!!) - oh he also dropped out of cubs too but wants to do scouts???!! Go figure.
Anyway Kieran and Ryan both play soccer ; kieran Futsal ( 2 games a week). It isn't too bad. Soccer season has just officially finished - Kieran's team came 2nd on the table and Ryan's team came 3rd. Huge effort for both - especially Ryan's team - quite a few part - timers in there. I really hate parents who sign up for these things but do not turn up..... We had our back saved by draughting in good 7 year old's to play in the 9th grade team!
Kieran's team are really really good - mostly been together since they were 4-5 years!!! Most most off to high school ( well intermediate) next year and we are really hoping the team sticks together!
Now I am off work today - off to watch Kieran's team play in the inter school competition - lots of the kid's parents will be there! They have a really good chance if winning the central Auckland schools competition I think!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Art Exhibition and Market Fair

The boys school has annual art exhibition. It is well attended and as a member of the school board, I help organize the wine and cheese. Every has their art work in it.
Our eldest was amazed to find a piece of tile art work he had done around 6 years ago on the school's brand new building. He even remembered it! This building is due to be opened officially in a few weeks - yes it takes years for new buildings in Catholic schools in NZ as the parents pay for the buildings -
Not the government!! This tile piece was ready back then for the new
I was delighted to find a bit of middle child's art work right outside the staff room too . I will be sad when he leaves this school at the end if the year -
Not many opportunities at the next place to go into the actual school!

Tuesday 28 August 2012

I made a quilt!

On Sunday, from start to finish, I made my first ever lap size quilt! I am thrilled with how it has turned out! Not 100% perfect - not all squares perfectly lined up - but for a first go I am pleased! I did have to You Tube to get the mitre corners worked out.
I now plan on making a couple for Christmas gifts!
I am absolutely gutted that The Little Craft Shop in Pt Chev is closing down. This has been my go to shop for over a year now and Helen there has really helped me get back into my craft - especially knitting. Very sad to see it closing on September 22. I had better go and stock up before it closes!!!!

Knitting a gorgeous vest at the moment. Photos soon.

Is anyone making anything at the moment?

Thursday 9 August 2012

Peaceful unplanned day at home

The books are piling up at school - blitzes a trolley of shelving yesterday but at end of day, all piled up again.
An unplanned at home due to a nasty woman's complaint , so knitting, watching Olympics and dashing to the loo - sigh. So not impressed with myself! Could not get into doctor's till later today.
Had all my hair cut off the past weekend and hairdresser discovered that I have numerous bald patches, so need to get that checked out too - wow!
I possibly need to slow down - winter sports nearly over and just a few more days till my next assignment is due!

Until then it is trying to stay watered up, eat decent food ( as she sits down with a mallow puff and cup of tea!) and chill! And get the kids into bed earlier - the Olympics have thrown us all out sleepwise! One child had been staying up past midnight on the weekends!

Off to attempt to cable!!!!

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Not home alone

I have been having so much trouble with my silly I-pad to the point I nearly gave it to one of the children! I hate the thing and think they are so over rated ! I want a good old-fashioned desk top. My cellphone died too and nearly 2
weeks in I do not know what to buy! Have been using the nearly 14 year old's old one.
Good camera died too, so using one if the kid's one as well. I would like a really good camera- might wait till my birthday!

Husband has been home for a couple of weeks. We have done lots - he has built our new garden shed from scratch - done a great job! Vege garden is blooming! I've been studiously working away on my professional registration for my library qualification which has to be
Done every 3 years - from where I stand it is bloody harder than what a school teacher has to prove! I have my next lot of assignments due in in 2 weeks for my other course - the motivation has not been grand for that!

I have been watching a bit if the Olympics - I never watch tv but with the knitting needles flying , it is good, yay for our men's equestrian team and their bronze medal!

Husband taking me out to dinner tonight - out of the blue! He even organized a baby sitter - what a guy! In 2 weeks time we will have a 14 year old and legally won't need a babysitter ... Hmmm - one or two if the kids might try and kill each other ????

I must make this blogging a daily habit!

Not Home Alone