Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 28 December 2013

Post and Scout Jamboree

So it seems that a craft swap parcel I sent to Australia has gone AWOL along with another package the husband posted to Australia too. NZ Post are telling us there is a backlog in Australia and Aussie customs have told them to halt packages coming into Australia until the workers clear what is there... That is crazy..... December 8 this one was posted. Sort it out NZ Post and Aussie Post !!

(Loads of Stephen's family live in Australia - we were laughing about a post on Facebook the other day about some government ruling that is threatening to take money away from low paid Aussie workers ... We were both like "what low paid Aussie workers?". (we run a business in Melbourne still). None compared to wages in New Zealand.... (30% lower here which is why kiwis keep on invading Australia week after week... :) but crazily are not subject to same benefits as an Australian even if we pay taxes etc.)
I love Australia and wish quite a bit we never left Melbourne 10 years ago....)

Scout Jamboree - train left last night and Kieran beyond home self over excitement! Vintage trains (well that is all we have here ;) ) and a 12 hour journey. Met at Taihape this morning where a steam engine took them the last bit to Feilding. He will have a blast at jamboree!

Friday 27 December 2013

Getting my craft on

I love the end of Christmas Day with just the 5 of us! It was a day off studying for me, so I finished my cross stitch (One of Alicia Paulson's adorable kits) finally - could have it it done months ago.
I also sat knitting at our family get together so was able to finish a pair of socks too. Yippee.

I have only been doing little things like this plus knitting  dish cloths since November when my study started.( I gave a couple of dishcloths to people who would appreciate them for Christmas. They are loved! Yay!!) Desperately need to finish a vest due in Sweden too.

A big road trip is coming up and when I am not driving I will be knitting. I have started another sock this morning - this time a fancy pattern one which should not be too hard to do. 

Other than that, picking up needles when there is my second essay to write makes me feel very guilty... Second essay topic is "Was the war in Waikato inevitable?". Yes it was folks!

Any stitching/ making going on elsewhere?

Monday 23 December 2013

Advent Swap days flying by

It has been such a delight waking up every morning to a sweet little gift from Elaina from " A Little Bit Country" blog fame.

(in my massive cleanup of my big bedroom, I seem to have mislaid the all important piece of paper where I was keeping track of what I had received day by day. I can track back a few days but then my memory goes blank - I blame my head being full of facts for my "Was the Waikato War inevitable?" essay. Yes that is what I am spending a few hours in my day doing - right before Christmas!)

Oh! BUNTING! My big love and the perfect place to put it up too! I have sewed bunting for a friend, but have never made any for myself. I am thrilled! Love the fabric choice too.

Adore tea towels too (between these gorgeous Banksana ones and my recent visit to IKEA, I am well endowed with beautiful linen for the next few years!). And a friend has already tried to steal my sweet tealight  holder too.

The bird is decoration is pegged onto our tree - it is fabulous and right at home in the pine. (a must to have a real tree in our house at Christmas!)

And everything else is so sweet too. A couple more days to go.