Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 29 October 2011

Tidy up and out

This is the second weekend I have spent tidying up and going through every single cupboard in the house - all ready for the St Francis school gala on November 12.
Being a librarian I am always sorting and culling- and at home too. I have taken in 4 carloads to the gala!
I am very pleased with the volume that I have been able to throw out or re-gift to another home!
When our new bedroom goes in - we have council building consent, so just waiting for a start date from our chosen builder - I will be able to move everyone's rooms around with all the junk gone!


Sunday 23 October 2011

Time flies when you are having fun!

Wow! Weeks have flown past!! Jet lag 1 it is 3.35 am! We all did so well yesterday - up at around 8 am and mostly all asleep 12 hours later. Husband impressed with our stamina!

Spent day clearing out the house for the school gala on Nvember 12. Am trying to be very very ruthless and yesterday even went up into the attic to see if I really did need all of that "stuff". Stuff has appeared downstairs and in bags - yay says the husband! Trying to live without so much is good!

Husband impressed me yesterday with his comment " well you didn't spend that much money"! I am impressed! 2 weeks running around The Netherlands and Belgium and a day in Kuala Lumpur.
All brilliant! Thrilled at how hard it wasn't to travel alone with 3 children in tow! I can go anywhere - don't need the husband ! Hee hee.

Highlights -
seeing brother and family again.
Watching 8 year old niece read and read and read and read.
Utretch - ditch Amsterdam everyone and go there instead!
Cyclist friendly country.
Oliver's - incredible food/ drink in a church - a hidden church!
Coping very well I thought with 3 children alone!
High speed train between NL and Belgium.

Lowlights -
Not enough time to see everything.
Camper shoes being the outrageous price we pay down under - I had really hope they would be way cheaper!!!
13 year old getting chest infection hours before we flew out! Ba humbug!!!
Running too fats around IKEA and not having enough time to look at fabric.

More tomorrow people!

Will add some photos
Staying a few nights with Belgium pen friend.

Sunday 9 October 2011

Kuala Lumpur

Sitting on the floor at Kuala Lumpur airport. Just told boys to go to sleep was we seem to be keeping on being delayed, delayed, delayed due to too much air traffic in area.
Had a fantastic time! Very easy city to get around - fast train direct into KL Sentral and from there light rail over to the Petronas Towers. We sent the day walking through the 6 levels of shops - barely bought a thing apart from water and food - very cheap! Haven't spent all my ringitt either!
Architecture is stunning - very interesting train ride - all of a sudden huge complexes of flats in the middle of nowhere, lots and lots of plantations and lots of concrete houses. Poverty looks to be rife. But I must say I know very little about Malaysian culture.
Towers are being renovated, so we were unable to go right to the top. Walked around the extremely busy aquarium - very cool.
Coped with temperatures - a big shock walking outside into the heat at first.
Bit of a bugger with Joshua being diagnosed with a chest infection only hours before we flew out ( and we still got on the plane against medical advice!) - he is tired.
Allof us slept really wellon first flight and I am hoping it happens again on this sector!
We all had a lie down for a couple of hours - blow me down - we were all asleep within 5 minutes of that. Fought to wake Ryan and Joshua up.
Off to Amsterdam - yippee.


Tuesday 4 October 2011

Over it!

So today I was the doctor for the 2 nd time in a week; 3rd time in 3 weeks and 4th time in 7 weeks. It is ANOTHER ear infection.
FED UP and over all of this!! 4th lots of antibiotics in this 10 week school term. Today's drugs cancel out the ones 8 got over the weekend.
And I THINK I am up to #8 lot for this year - kinda forgotten with numerous ears, throats and other infections.

It is crazy. Was told I may not be getting on plane on Friday! We will see about that!

Not much else happening with all of this garbage!


Monday 3 October 2011

rugby and socks

had great fun yesterday with no.2 boy "Go Canada" during the Rugby World Cup match between New Zealand and Canada. I have photographic footage that they were leading. Okay it might have been for all of 3 minutes but apparrently this was a first for the All Blacks! No. 2 told me I wasn't his mum anymore.
NZ is in a panic over nothing as this player called Dan carter is out of the cup becasue of a groin injury. You honestly would have thought he had died or something due to the outpouring of grief. or maybe it is just the media! Life goes on. Tuvalu in the Pacific islands is running out of fresh water - thatisi more important!
We google mapped Tuvalu tonight - boy I would be freaked going to sleep on that isaldn - have a look at how skinny it is! Sea and a lagoon on either side of it.

Had a history lesson with boys about Berlin/ The Wall. I so wish we had time to go over to Berlin next week! I'd love to see how it has changed since 1997!!!
Here's some photos of my socks - I actually want to shrink the darker ones - am learning to knit a bit tighter and not make them the actual length it states as I am so loose! I am loving knitting socks! Have the wool for no.2 son's pair ready to go.

Made a grapefruit cake tonight - recipe tomorrow. What is your favourite cake recipe?


Sunday 2 October 2011

Welcome to Creative Chaos!

Wow! I am here. A huge learning curve coming up! Next step is to create one for the school library as well!
I am currently knitting my first ever baby hat for a dear pen friend in Sweden whose first baby is due in November. I am using Shepherd baby wool merino in 4 ply.
Last night I finished number 7 sock! I am getting better with each one I knit.
This was knitted in a gorgeous Italian wool - Filatura Di Crosa of 80% merino and 20% polyamide. I cannot wait to hit the Dutch /Belgium/ German wool shops next week.
Will wait to cast on the matching sock as I am going to teach my sister in law in the Netherlands how to knit socks while we are there.
I need to learn how to publish photos next!

Bye for now - Kimberley