Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 12 September 2018

I got a job for 2019 !!!

I saw my dream job/school advertised on Friday morning; flicked in an application within half an hour of the job appearing; had a phone call from the principal on Monday afternoon; a just over an hour interview this morning; then 10 minutes later a job offer!

I am SO SUPER< SUPER< SUPER happy!!! I'll be teaching a classroom of either year 1, 2 or 3 children! I'm blown away by the school and the opportunities! It's in a low socio-economic area, with a 4-5 year ERO cycle (Ministry of Education checks up on schools every 1-4/5 years depending on their circumstances - 4-5 year cycle is exceptional! It's like the UK Ofsted), huge vege gardens, orchard, a bike trail and many bikes at the school (many children do not have these at home), huge community involvement etc! And in my own classroom - not a modern learning environment.

And (cue hysterical laughter from all my librarian friends), the school is just around the corner from the Scholastic shop. So I , OF COURSE, had to go and do a celebratory shop for my future students. It is awesome knowing a general year level that I will be teaching now!

Sunday 9 September 2018


From my phone this week .....

All I want is for the next 3 weeks to disappear. FAST. What i really want out of those 3 weeks to be gone is the maths exam... maths sends me into a total HUGE state of anxiety. I'm just hoping I don't start crying in the exam. I am having extra help at uni. It's not just me who is finding this new maths hard. We have to unlearn all we learnt donkeys years ago.
At least I know new stuff is getting into my brain.
I have HUGE amounts to do in the next 3 weeks.

The house is a tip. The letters are piling up. Little knitting is being done.

Today I went to the Nisa pop up store in St Kevin's Arcade. Nisa makes underwear sewn by former refugees. The quality is superb. There are complaints that it is not cheap. It's made in New Zealand. It's made by former refugees. I'm buying it for those two things alone! It's gorgeous stuff and gorgeous organic fabric and gorgeous colours. 

maths. I'm spending hours consolidating what I do in class at home. This is a think board....

 My side of the bed.... ha !!! It'll stay like this for the next 3 weeks... it might even grow....
 Friday saw 2 x A+ grades and 1 x A grade. YIPPEE.
 OOh my favourite subject again....
 Laughed my head off in the library when I saw this. A book for me!!!
 new purchases. Adore!
 It was cold every day last week. The woollens got worn a lot!
 maths at school....
And another week gone. Probably another finger nail or two gone too.... ARGH!