Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 30 August 2018

today is all about books!

I heard about a Penguin/Random House book sale late last night and whizzed across the other side of town today. I came home with a HUGE pile - all $2-3 each! I've saved hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars. My future classroom might possibly be better than the school library.....

I've bought a ton of books this year. Uni has been really good for me to save money otherwise (well other than the $18,000 2 of us have spent on fess this year. I am so grateful for the 20 year old who pays his own fees from his job and who will come out totally debt free at the end of next year !)

 A batch of peanut brownies made last night.
 There must be little food in the house as one teen bought me his list... I go through weeks of doing zero food shopping - luckily the husband shops!
 More books bought last weekend....
 And the piles bought 5 weeks ago in Melbourne and Hobart in Australia....

I love my books! I'm so excited about sharing my love of reading with children next year!

Tuesday 28 August 2018

Spring is on it's way...

My gosh the days are flying by! I've been enjoying watching my daffodils and tulips pop up - I planted these 2 days after Mum died.

Lots has been happening - I am VERY happy with my 5 day break from attending university starting tomorrow. But , boy oh boy, have I got A LOT of essays etc to write! We are down to our final 4 weeks on campus - it is scary to think how close the end of the year is! Then we have a final practicum  in a school.
BUT i've got a massive maths test coming up too, which gives me major anxiety - I am getting extra help at university - it is adding another huge layer of work on top of the normal work load and I am being pushed waaaaaay out of my comfort and happy zone, but it has to be done! Still learning is a great thing!

Hopefully I'll try and get back into a decent blogging thing! 

 A daily sight at university - it is stunning!

Saturday 11 August 2018

Supermarket goals met!

Well... it is mighty obvious that I have done little university work this past week, as I have knitted 3 fruit/vege bags since Tuesday night. That includes knitting my way through a lecture (under the bench! to keep myself awake... two entire rows in front of me were working on their cvs.....)

And I did the shop this morning and was feeling stupidly proud using them for my onions, potatoes and mandarins.

I've the fourth on the needles right now and am making myself finish an assignment due this Monday, before I sit down and knit some more..... I think about 6-8 of the bags will be a good number. And I'm pretty sure a few friends would like some - they'd make a perfect birthday gift I think too (well in my books anyway!). It is good to use cotton from the stash too.

Rather addictive little things, but totally useful !!!

Tuesday 7 August 2018

Knitting re-useable fruit/vege bags

Impulse knitting tonight. My cousin sent me this link and 5 minutes later I was fossicking around in my stash to find cotton and cast one on....

It's pretty cool. We decided we'd both be gutted if we lost said bag once we finish one... it's not a fast process... but it looks great and is easy knitting... I'd rather like half a dozen or so of them...

Monday 6 August 2018


It's Monday morning. It's a rather cold and overcast day, but I've still hung the laundry outside. I hang it outside year round - it eventually gets dry or dryish. I usually hang it outside at 10pm at night - even if we are a damp city and regularly get fog - it's outside for the promised sunny weather the next day. I've a clothes drier which i use maybe once a week at that...

I rather like my university schedule. I don't have to be at uni until 1pm Monday and Thursdays and then it si only for 1.5 hours! Wednesday is my one 8.30 am start, but then i finish lectures at 4.30pm (it's a long day sitting and listening). Friday I start at 10.30 (also pretty civilised) and finish at 4.30pm too, but it's a workshop day, so a bit more of using the brain, talking etc.

It has taken me about two weeks to *kind of* get back into the swing of uni. The study schedule is 3 papers less that last semester, so the study/rest of life stuff should be a lot easier!  I still feel like I'm on holiday, but then this year has been anything but ordinary and I'm not sure what ordinary is really like anymore anyway! It'll take a lot of time i guess.

I'm living the simple life, doing what I have to do and doing it to how I want to do it. We're not being very social, just laying low, living day to to day and it rather suits me. The teens are all pretty low key too - few disagreements, as long as they have some money and do the odd thing with mates over weekends etc, all seems to just plod along. No dramas. Just a smooth daily life really. I think I've had enough events for the year really.....

And I'm sick. Ba humbug. Pretty good I guess getting to August and having my first sick day of the year really!

Photos from the weekend -