Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 26 July 2015

at 10pm last night...

At 10pm last night, two people arrived in the bedroom to announce they had moved furniture around! It went from this....

to this...

I rather like the change. All instigated by the eldest teen. When ever he gets a house, it will be perfect, with minimal stuff in it! I've sat at the table a good chunk of today doing uni work and the rest of the time, opening cupboards, adding stuff to the op shop pile/give away pile or throwing in the bin pile... Isn't if funny how one thing leads on to another?
I really like the long couch underneath the window, next to the giant bookcase. We have talked a lot about getting rid of this (futon) couch and the dining room table set too, but they will stay for the moment.
Anyone else do an impulse move of furniture from time to time? We were always swapping bedrooms as children.

Thursday 23 July 2015

Knitted (by me) Sock Giveaway

I've knitted these socks, but they are slightly too big for me in the heel. They have been knitted with some delicious New Zealand Waikiwi wool which has possum in it! I think they would be perfect for a 37-38 shoe size - but hey - wool does stretch too :)

Add a comment below and I'll pick a winner on Friday August 7! Open worldwide. (please make sure I can contact you too via a blog or e-mail address). And the top photo is more truer to colour.

 My lovely cousin Jackie put me onto Vintage Purls - her sock wool, which Morag dyes herself, is fabulous. She releases new wool every Friday. I have joined up to her Winter Warmer club where we receive a surprise wool package 3 months in a row. This arrived today - the husband has announced that if I even start knitting it, he is moving out! Ha! It looks far too daunting for my brain at the moment and most certainly is something I could not do during term time at the moment! It is rather amazing though!  (I am so exhausted already this week from school!),

Sunday 19 July 2015

Wellington - New zealand's Capital City

I love our capital city. I think there is loads to do for families. Easy to walk and walk and walk everywhere. We love museums -I highly recommend Te Papa, the equally fabulous Wellington Museum of City and Sea (this one is apparently listed in the world's top 50 museums list!) and the Cable Car Museum. The cable car's engineering was done by the boys' great great uncle I just found out too. If I had known that while we were there, I would have taken a bit more notice! We found so many great cafes (Thunderbirds and the Belgian Beer Cafe and multiple down Cuba Mall). And Home in the National Library building. So much to do, even just in the city. A fab 2 days of running around. It has a much more laid back feel to Auckland too and we were totally blown away by the high high use of public transport and the numbers of buses on the roads and the frequency of them! One thing though is it always freaks me out that the big earthquake could come any time - I'm not a fan of living in Wellington for that exact reason and the 2 roads in and out - it would a situation far more dire than Christchurch I feel... but a top notch city to visit!