Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 27 September 2012

One more sleep

And it will be the school holidays! What a crazy long term this has been!
I am in need of some rest. Things like writing on page after page of scrapbook layouts (it was a year ago these holidays that we went to The Netherlands and Belgium! and i would like to finish this album with probably 20 or so more layouts to do!), letter writing to my penfriends , going to knitting club ( i have finished a wee jersey and socks in the last week. I would like to be taught how to knit 2 pairs of socks in the round at once), sorting out summer wardrobes for everyone, 11 year old's vaccinations, school uniform sandal buying and top of the list should be finishing my last Mauri Ora study guide and getting that whole course out of the way!

A trip to MOTAT and several movies in there too.

We are going to Dunedin too - love that city and have not been down there for 3 years now. Need to find some new places to visit while there. Cadbury seems a hot favourite of the boys!

What are everyone's holiday plans? Or have you just finished them in Australia?

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Play it forward

It really is time for me to do a "play it forward"!
Several months ago I received a gorgeous bag from www. We keep in contact a wee bit and our children are now penfriends with each other! It is very cool!

This is where I have a year to send you a gift ( I will more than likely make something ). It will be done a lot faster than a year though - I will aim for the end of November.
All you need to do is make a comment on my blog and i will send a little something to the first 3 people who comment.
You then will need to play it forward yourself and put this on to your own blog.
It is a lot of fun and by carrying on with it, we are setting a chain of fun in motion worldwide.
I will post worldwide too!

Sunday 16 September 2012

Keeping it real!

Friday night I had a friend visit. Admittedly before that I had been sitting in my room knitting socks and were "ignoring" the boys. We were sitting in the lounge and she said " is that weetbix upside down on the table?". I looked; sigh - "yes".
I can never keep this house clean and do swear I can live with some lazy little piglets at times! Nobody owned up to whose bowl it was! Later on I opened the fridge ( which needs a clean! ) to find an empty plastic bag in there.
Crikey! Every week I get through the week and it's activities and then do a big clean on Saturday!

What is it like in your house?

Yesterday was a bit different due to soccer prizegiving and then the official opening of new school buildings which took parents 12 years to fund- raise the
money for! (one draw back of the way Catholic schools are funded in this country! Parents pay for new classrooms!!!)

Boys did very well at soccer - Ryan received the most improved player cup - true to form 4 of the team turned up for prize giving!! - then his team got a massive cup ( one of 2 big cups) for getting through trials and tribulations/ battling on! I must really find out what the cup is called!
And then Kieran's team won the team of the year ! The cheers and excitement from the 11 year old's was fantastic! They are such a great bunch of kids and best of mates too! Have been playing together for many years!!

Today I will develop a ton of photos and visit an aunt. I might even sort out the attic a bit better! Still looking for an old music stand!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

The vest is finished!

Finished last Friday! I knitted it 2 - not 1 - but 2 needle sizes smaller than the pattern said! I am such a loose knitter. This is the best fitted item I have ever knitted for myself. I hate doing tension squares, but really , they are important!
I have learnt that!
I am very pleased with the end result and it is gorgeously warm and can be worn with so much!
I am now finishing knitting the 2nd sock to go with the other one - I started this one last October in The Netherlands! I have so much sock wool - I need to get a crack on and knit more pairs! I also need to finish a wee jersey for a baby.
I love knitting in winter and have found this winter to be a very productive one!

Sunday 9 September 2012


Here's a few photos of how our house looks today - 5 months from moving into the extension. I have another beautiful garden box built by the husband and only planted last weekend. He has also put up some trellis to give an end to the deck by the driveway. Hides the neighbour's hideous roof too.
We gave had a warm wet winter , so the grass has grown well. It us all looking great! Best vege gardens we have ever had!

Monday 3 September 2012

Favourite book - "Down to Earth" by Rhonda Hetzel

I finally managed to find a copy of the book "Down to Earth" written by Rhonda Hetzel. I used Mighty Ape for the first time and was really pleased with the service and speed that the book arrived in! No other bookshop seemed to know what I was talking about here in New Zealand!

What a gem! This is so me! A guide to simple living. From how to make your own earth friendly cleaning products, starting a vege garden , knitting/ crocheting dish clothes, organizing the house, good healthy food, slowing down , spring cleaning, repurposing, housework etc! A book that I can dip in and out of every single day with just a little spare time.

My favourite quotes from it:
"crafts are a part of your housework" and "housework never ends, so don't try to finish it."

I showed the husband these! :)

Published by Viking Australia , 2011.

Rhonda also has a blog -

Saturday 1 September 2012

Book household

I am on crutches! Strained a calf muscle this afternoon walking or jumping - somehow! - down the balcony deck stairs. Painful to walk/ put my footboy the ground!

We are a big book household! Not surprising being a school librarian. I have the best job - spending a lot of money - A LOT of money especially when I get grants worth thousands and thousands of dollars - on books for 500 students a year!
We spend a lot of our own money on books for home too. More than most people i think and a LOT more since I have discovered The Book Depository!
( I still do frequent local bookshops too!).
www.thebookdepository. co. uk

Don't blame me if your wallet is lighter!

My favourite author ever is Michael Morpurgo. He is British and writes the best story. He wrote "War Horse" which was a made into a movie last year - food movie but the book is even better.
I also enjoy Deborah Ellis,Sally Grindley, EB White, Michael Bond, Sharon Creech, Kyle Mewburn, Margaret Mahy (RIP) and Joy Cowley.

The boys read lots - favorites being Lemony Snickett, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
And Ryan has discovered the National Geographic range of kids books which are stunning.

We have kept lots over the years - there are childhood favorites boxed up in the attic.
I collect Margaret Mahy, Michael Morpurgo, Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop. Have a massive picture book collection - I think these are one if the most under- rated genres and even teenagers should be reading them! I know so many kids who have missed vital, vital books!

Anyone have any favorites? Children's/ young adults and adult reads to recommend?