Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday 3 October 2011

rugby and socks

had great fun yesterday with no.2 boy "Go Canada" during the Rugby World Cup match between New Zealand and Canada. I have photographic footage that they were leading. Okay it might have been for all of 3 minutes but apparrently this was a first for the All Blacks! No. 2 told me I wasn't his mum anymore.
NZ is in a panic over nothing as this player called Dan carter is out of the cup becasue of a groin injury. You honestly would have thought he had died or something due to the outpouring of grief. or maybe it is just the media! Life goes on. Tuvalu in the Pacific islands is running out of fresh water - thatisi more important!
We google mapped Tuvalu tonight - boy I would be freaked going to sleep on that isaldn - have a look at how skinny it is! Sea and a lagoon on either side of it.

Had a history lesson with boys about Berlin/ The Wall. I so wish we had time to go over to Berlin next week! I'd love to see how it has changed since 1997!!!
Here's some photos of my socks - I actually want to shrink the darker ones - am learning to knit a bit tighter and not make them the actual length it states as I am so loose! I am loving knitting socks! Have the wool for no.2 son's pair ready to go.

Made a grapefruit cake tonight - recipe tomorrow. What is your favourite cake recipe?


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