Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 19 January 2012

School Libraries

I have sat down and went to start teaching myself how to upload photos here . BUT you cannot do this via an I-pad!!! I honestly go totally nuts over this thing too much as it is so, so limited in what it can do! I am not good with technology when it doesn't do what I want it to do instantly! I think I am pretty good with computers too ( self taught several library systems especially and even learnt something new on my library system on Monday!). Will have to wait later tonight when I can use son's laptop!

Library opening during hols hasn't really been a success sadly. I am totally over swamped with new books and still have a bucketload to spend from my ASB grant, sothey will keep on piling up!! I can import onto computer in seconds, but it is the processing which takes ages when in the volume I have! I have been buying for other parts of the school and have even given whole grants away to other parts of the school! It is all for the students benefit. I possibly might do one grant this year for a security system, but I am not entirely convinced a security system would work as any child anywhere figures out how to bypass them!! And it is the processing with tattle tape too which is impossible for one person to do!

It is all good! It is a fantastic library with the latest in books and really probably is not used at all to it's full advantage!!! There are too many new books you could just about say! I need to make a culture of reading for both the teachers and pupils. On the last day of school, I gave every teacher a book ( wrapped in Christmas paper) to read over the summer. I know the principal and a deputy principal have read theirs - I wonder how many other teachers have? So few read full stop in my opinion....

Lots to think about. With so few students in, I have been making series boxes - photocopying front covers of a series and bunting one or more in a nod. It just helps them be more visible to students rather than the traditional fiction layout. I noticed 2 weeks ago when in Christchurch, that their new replacement city library as all the junior fiction all face out instead of spine out! I would so love this at my library!!!!
Plus putting out new book after new book after new book after new book! My covering fairy Nova has been working hard for me! She is a GEM!!

I have been reading Michael Morpurgo books! They ALL are brilliant - one of the best English children's writers out! One of his books " The War Horse" is currently at the movies. A brilliant read. Reading the sequel " Farm Boy" at the moment.

Off to crochet - quite addicted

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