Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Autumn days

Well it certainly has turned into autumn with cooler mornings and nights. But i am still in short sleeve tees and skirts with bare legs - the weather has been amazing for this time of the year!

I think I have sat in my lovely new bedroom for a couple of weeks enjoying it - well it has taken 2
weeks to sort really! We are still waiting for the curtains/ blinds to arrive and have the proper wardrobe system to purchase yet too.

We had an afternoon walk around Monte Cecilia Park in Hillsborough a week back. This is home to the Pah Homestead which houses the TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre. It was opened to the public in August 2010 after being used by the Catholic Church as emergency housing, boarding school, novitiate housing and an orphanage. In recent years it had fallen into major disrepair and the
Council bought it. A lot of controversy with the church selling the land to the council to make a bigger park. The poor little Catholic School that is on the site will eventually have to move apparently to make way for more grass...
The homestead was built in 1877 as a gentleman's residence and is beautiful .
It has a lovely cafe and we all enjoyed the modern art.
Would be nice to be able to walk around the park without fighting children one day though!
A great park - now i just need to get out more in this town and stop enjoying my house too much! :)

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