Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Knitting madness and a blog swap

I seem to have spent a large chunk of these school holidays knitting! I started another project - a gorgeous cardigan for me. In a week I have already knitted the back and left side! (traveling for hours makes it easy!!). I did start this cardie last year but started on the sleeves - I un did the sleeves 3 times and gave up! This time I will do the bulk of the cardie and then try the sleeves again!

It has been a very relaxing holiday this time , which is really what I needed for me! Crikey I have even been doing some study! Kids have not missed out either - yesterday the youngest one and i made up an ant farm - it is very cool watching eats travel through dirt but we need to collect more ants for it too!

This is terrible - way back in January I signed up for a Love Blog swap thru Gem and her blog - - I was partnered with Rachel in Australia of -
Her box arrived at school and several staff thought it was very cool! His was my first swap.
This is what Rachel sent -

Gorgeous wool - still have to figure out what to make with it; a very groovy pot mat crocheted for me ( well that is what I am using if for!) and - gasp !! - a Cath Kidston Bluebell Gift Box with sweet soaps, hand balm, shower gel and body cream! It is all in my new bathroom looking fab and being used daily! I had no idea Target in Australia sold CK so was absolutely thrilled at this!
Such a generous gift and I am Sonoran to do another swap - just have to find one! Well i could always do one my self I guess!

I am very conscious of the fact that I have to do a crafty "play it forward" from Mad About Bags and Tracy in England - am just waiting to get a few more blog followers. :)

Off to make home made hamburgers tonight -
Nice and easy! Struggling with dinners at the moment as some people in this house have decided that they don't like dinner fullstop!!! Grrrrrhhhhhh

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