Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 30 June 2012


It is the holidays! Hooray! Let me see - I have already yelled. Hmmmm. Did you hear it? Booted them all off electronic devices, so they all go and run around with their nerdy guns and then track mud all through my new bedroom!! Grrrhhhh. I even got an apology note! So all devices banned for 24 hours - one kid is now vacuuming; another found a Lego box un-opened and the other is playing with his beloved Match Attack cards! After protests that their was nothing to do... No plans so far for the hols. Husband will be in Malaysia for 2 weeks - I'm not impressed and neither is he quite frankly. I always get on planes for fun travel - he says traveling for work is not fun! I'd love it!!!! Possibly will knit up a storm - current projects include a hat, socks, vest for me and a jersey for a child. Want to start a jersey for a one year old too. The last week has seen me haul out my scrapbooking gear and get right into it again! I find I only do this 3-4 times year now and do huge amounts! Have spent lots of hours sorting out photos and am getting quite picky with volumes not to scrapbook! Will attempt to get family to the art gallery; more than likely MOTAT and the museum too. Some hols I do feel like a homebody. If we go away for a few days, it will be an impulse trip! Middle child got into the next secondary school - that has been such a journey! We have decided - rather I have decided- that he will go to his brother's school which is an other school, which thankfully he was offered a place at too! Having a choice of schools makes it a nightmare. There is much to be said for living in a small town and having one choice - or really no choice! - where your child goes. I have such strong view points on the NZ education system and currently think every NZ child is being stuffed up in a major way by this damn government! What are your holiday plans? Any fighting already????

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  1. I always find that it take a few days for everyone to get into holiday mode, the cries of there's nothing to do soon stop and a more leisurely pace takes hold and the arguing can stop just just a few minutes!!!
    Jack received his parcel and was thrilled thank you, he is in Paris at the moment and was half way through his letter to enforce he left I know he wanted to tell K all about his trip so I will send it sometime next week, his new t shirt is being paraded round PAris as we speak!!!