Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Life Chaos

I really must make more of an effort to blog! Just had a 3 day weekend for the Queen's birthday weekend.
It was also our 16th wedding anniversary - i love my husband! We had a wonderful meal out at The Kitchen in High Street in town. Gorgeous art deco decor and the food was amazing - the presentation wow! Highly recommend it - in fact it is right up there with the French Cafe and Merediths for me! We get out so rarely - I do love dressing up and having a night to really talk! With 2 of the family being real night owls this is so rare!

Other stuff that has been happening is the next school for the middle child. Biggest delimna ever for me! I want him at the best school in NZ - ACG Parnell College - he had an interview last week and was offered a place! Yippee! But it is the money! Whay, why should we have to pay a lot of money to get the progressive education that I want for my children?!
There has been a lot of talk about education this last week due to the budget the prat government gave us. They are scewing every single child in this country. They want class sizes to increase and say that the quality of education willnot go down. The prime minister is a real hypocrite as several years ago he said he sent his kids to a private school because of the small classes and higher quality of education received from this. So John Key every  non-rich person has to have huge amounts of kids shoved into a classroom then?
Working in education sometimes does my head in! i know far more what goes on in a school than msot people and also being on a school baord and effectively running a school has seen my knowledge increase hugely. I believe we are dicing with so many kids lives - especially the poorer ones, who, while some may be being neglected by their parents etc and not getting the life they deserve - I think schools are not pulling their full weight either and giving these students the education or opportunities they deserve. (not either of the schools i am involved in I might add!) DonKey is dicing with my own children with National Standards - school reports are not worth a thing in my opinion! Sigh! Sometimes I think I care too much about kids and waht is happening to them.

Other stuff - youngest kid quit drums much to my horro - what do you do? Was totally over the begging and making him do it and stress involved!
Big Kid did fantastically in school exams - he has been working! You never know sometimes what they are doing in their rooms!!!
My good camera died - using a $90 Warehouse one... hmmm...i need, need, need a new one!
Lots of knitting - LOTS of knitting still! Even 4 pj pants sewn yesterday! I really want to learn how to sew a cup coaster!!! A little quilted one perhaps!
Cleaning still - house painter is here, so dust abounds everywhere!!! And some new furniture - youngest kid happy with couch in his room!
Have to get my mojo back for study - did some last week! :)
And baking - yummy Amish biscuits of another blog - will put recipe up and credit blogger - on another computer at the moment!

have a good week everyoen. What have you all been up to?


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