Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday 1 September 2012

Book household

I am on crutches! Strained a calf muscle this afternoon walking or jumping - somehow! - down the balcony deck stairs. Painful to walk/ put my footboy the ground!

We are a big book household! Not surprising being a school librarian. I have the best job - spending a lot of money - A LOT of money especially when I get grants worth thousands and thousands of dollars - on books for 500 students a year!
We spend a lot of our own money on books for home too. More than most people i think and a LOT more since I have discovered The Book Depository!
( I still do frequent local bookshops too!).
www.thebookdepository. co. uk

Don't blame me if your wallet is lighter!

My favourite author ever is Michael Morpurgo. He is British and writes the best story. He wrote "War Horse" which was a made into a movie last year - food movie but the book is even better.
I also enjoy Deborah Ellis,Sally Grindley, EB White, Michael Bond, Sharon Creech, Kyle Mewburn, Margaret Mahy (RIP) and Joy Cowley.

The boys read lots - favorites being Lemony Snickett, Diary of a Wimpy Kid
And Ryan has discovered the National Geographic range of kids books which are stunning.

We have kept lots over the years - there are childhood favorites boxed up in the attic.
I collect Margaret Mahy, Michael Morpurgo, Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop. Have a massive picture book collection - I think these are one if the most under- rated genres and even teenagers should be reading them! I know so many kids who have missed vital, vital books!

Anyone have any favorites? Children's/ young adults and adult reads to recommend?

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