Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Keeping it real!

Friday night I had a friend visit. Admittedly before that I had been sitting in my room knitting socks and were "ignoring" the boys. We were sitting in the lounge and she said " is that weetbix upside down on the table?". I looked; sigh - "yes".
I can never keep this house clean and do swear I can live with some lazy little piglets at times! Nobody owned up to whose bowl it was! Later on I opened the fridge ( which needs a clean! ) to find an empty plastic bag in there.
Crikey! Every week I get through the week and it's activities and then do a big clean on Saturday!

What is it like in your house?

Yesterday was a bit different due to soccer prizegiving and then the official opening of new school buildings which took parents 12 years to fund- raise the
money for! (one draw back of the way Catholic schools are funded in this country! Parents pay for new classrooms!!!)

Boys did very well at soccer - Ryan received the most improved player cup - true to form 4 of the team turned up for prize giving!! - then his team got a massive cup ( one of 2 big cups) for getting through trials and tribulations/ battling on! I must really find out what the cup is called!
And then Kieran's team won the team of the year ! The cheers and excitement from the 11 year old's was fantastic! They are such a great bunch of kids and best of mates too! Have been playing together for many years!!

Today I will develop a ton of photos and visit an aunt. I might even sort out the attic a bit better! Still looking for an old music stand!

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