Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 11 November 2012

Bedroom floor

I am a busy person doing lots of
projects at any one time. I spend quite a bit of time after school/ during evenings sitting on my bed. Our room gets a lot of sun all day long from different directions.
On Friday I looked at my bedroom floor on my side of the bed and just cracked up. So much in that I actually took a photo of the mess!
How on earth can one person make this mess? I had sock knitting, new
wool, half written letters, mail to answer, the new "Mollie Makes Christmas" book (oooooh divine!), cross stitch , Christmas ornaments bought the night before, my handbag, cables , camera, school notices etc etc!
It is a wonder I could even get out of bed with this mess! I obviously have a very understanding husband as he has to walk over it to get to his dressing table!
So I spent yesterday tidying it up! I have letters started weeks ago to finish , am so close to finishing the 2 nd sock of a pair, books stacked to read, craft to finish for Christmas swaps and tonight I have started knitting an adult sized kina for me! I will try not to
Let the pile of stuff build up again!

What does next to your bed look like?
Crickey - no mention of what is on the bedside table there either - that is a mess too!


  1. hi Kimberley

    We are swap partners in the Faith Hope and Charity swap for Xmas. I've been away for a couple of weeks so behind with emails and getting in touch. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers Pauleen (in Darwin, NT)

    1. Hi Pauleen, please e- mail me at re swap. Love your blog.
      Am not a Wordpress member , so cannot figure out any other way to contact you.
      Cheers - kimberley

    2. Sorry about the mix-up Kimberley but have now sent you an email. I've just returned from a holiday in PNG so am not really across my blogs and emails yet.

      BTW even as a blogspotter you should be able to comment on WP...I have several readers who respond from their blogspot accounts.

      Have also remedied the fact that I didn't have an email contact on my Tropical Territory blog, only on my family history one.

      We have lift-off so can now stay in touch via email.

  2. Looks like creative heaven to me. :)
    Anne xx