Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Falling asleep

I have been scanning , scanning, scanning books for the library stocktake and came out with a list of over 1000 missing/ misplaced items.... Several days later this is down under 650 - whew - but still ways to go! A mad, crazy time of the year. Not my favourite thing chasing children with overdues or ransacking classrooms looking for stuff......

I received one of my Christmas ornament swaps from Christina Lowry's swap - - it is gorgeous and all I know is that it was made by someone called Julie in Hants , UK. No blog or e- mail address for me to look up/ say thanks to.
The funny thing is that it was opened by customs and luckily it passed inspection! :)

Looking forward to lots more mail too!

Recipe tomorrow - I am seriously whacked!

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  1. love those little chocolate puddings (if thats what they are!) lovely decoration too, and thank you for your gorgeous one as well, I love it!