Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 25 January 2013


The tonsillectomy is over! I am at home starting my regime of drugs for days! Had low blood pressure when I left the hospital today but feel a lot better tonight! Very little sleep last night.
A few tips for room mates of mine - close the bathroom door while you inside it and please don't make a million cellphone calls at MIDNIGHT! You are lucky I didn't yell at you (at least!).

So I guess it is days of knitting and cross stitching and reading coming up! All I have been doing for the past 6 weeks of our school summer holidays but anyhow.... Apparently I will be feeling the full brunt of my throat in a few days and will quite possibly want to sleep!

School has started for two of the boys - ones is loving the new school but is quite shocked by this thing called homework! Our primary school is a no homework school - which really love! It makes a mother's life so much easier! There is more and ore data and research coming out that says homework is a waste of time. They always do reading and basic facts as a matter of course but that was it. I hate teachers who give a homework sheet with photocopied stuff where the mother usually ends up doing most of the work or helping the kid do it - I won't! If they haven't been shown how to research at school , then as far as I am concerned the child cannot do their own homework!
So going to a school that is very academically based is always going to be a challenge coming from doing not much - luckily Kieran is a go getter and motivated and a perfectionist (which does create its own problems sometimes I think!). He should do really well!
He loves the pretty easy going uniform of any shoes! And ran rings around everyone at PE today too apparently ! One fit kid.
Joshua just settled back in normally! Realises year 10 has a lot of work involved. Ryan does not start for another 2 weeks - the joys of the NZ education system where each school runs itself and decides it owns policies / start dates/ uniforms/ curriculum etc!
Education is a funny thing. We have a new payroll - I am owed money from last year under the Novopay system. It will eventually get sorted, but they will possibly muck up my sick leave next...??? Hopefully not!


  1. Hi Kimberly hope you recover quickly. Many thanks for visiting my blog and encouraging me to carry on with socks. I too am addicted to wool I've got draws of the stuff and can't wait to add some lovely sock wool in rainbow shades.

    Take care Sue x

  2. I'm glad to hear it all went well wishing you a speedy recovery x