Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lately dealing with...

I have been whacked!

Dealing with having zilch taste and not eating a lot at all. Hate it!

Dealing with trying to help an 11 year old deal with new homework schedules and learning how to manage his workload at a very academic school. He loves the school and has thrown himself into it, being at school at 7 am two mornings a week to join in with the running club and soccer practice. He is one of two boys in his that were interviewed by the principal yesterday to be the class rep.

Dealing with having not a lot of motivation to do much. Not even knitting or letter writing.

Dealing with trying to get year 7/8 students to try and learn how to research and to take notes and for them to realise that nothing will help get their homework done if they do not have these skills.

Dealing with the fact that the library is not at all anywhere near being used as it should be.
And after only being at school for 8 days this year, it is already driving me crazy.

Dealing with a 9 year old that goes to sleep way too late (on going since 3-4 years old) and then obviously struggles to wake up in the morning!

Dealing with telling boys that they have to take a shower every night ( the principal of the local high school just wrote a letter to all parents telling them he was sick and tired of smelly children. It happens at every school !) and following through. (they fight and fight this!!)

Dealing with husband informing me he may or may to have a job in a month or two. Great unknown!

Dealing with intermittent ear ache.

BUT feeling pretty good other wise!

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  1. Ahhh you sound like you have had a bit of bad time! No wonder you have lost motivation...your job sounds quite frustrating..I don't think libraries are used enough for research anymore, its all about computer research now and I think thats a shame. It is hard work when the little ones venture into bigger school as everything is so full on...your son seems to be adapting really well. Keep smiling! Karen x