Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 14 February 2013

My swap package

So these are the items I sent to Tracy at Mad About Bags, as part of the Daisy Row Springtime/ Easter swap.

It is of course coming up to Autumn in New Zealand but Easter decorations still do seem to be Spring orientated. I only know of one shop (Bed, Bath and Table) that does do Easter themed items ( and I haven't been to it lately )- but then maybe I don't get out and about and usually only go to one shopping centre.

I had bought some egg cosies years ago when the boys were younger, so just copied them - I wish though I had higher quality and a thicker felt than what I found at Geoff's Emporium though, but still think they are quite cute.

The other bits and pieces were found at various shops! Luckily all the Easter chocolate is in the shops too!

Sometimes I wish we did have a lot more themed things around seasons available in NZ, but that is life! We aren't really a big celebrations sort of country and events like Valentines Day and Easter, Halloween etc are not hugely celebrated. (at least not in my neck of the woods.) these things are also not big at schools - religious events are but not commercial things.

I loved this trade - I thinks the idea of it going into an icecream container was brilliant!

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