Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 8 February 2013

Oh How I love thee Book Depository

I have done my first Book Depository order this year. ( - free postage worldwide. I buy thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of books a year - mainly for a school but a decent amount for home. I do support NZ bookshops too but find I can get a wider variety from The Book Depository. Plus they usually can arrive a lot faster even from England than with a NZ distributer!

Late last year the orders were taking 4-6 weeks to get here and there was a backlog of 12,000 (!!!!!) books to come into NZ but my orders this year so,far have taken 10 days which is brilliant! I already have my 2 nd school order ready to go.

Last year I bought the "Little House on the Prairie" box set for something like $60 - so cheap for 8 books! ( please believe me English people - your book prices are so, so, so cheap compared to NZ and Austrlalia!!). I have started reading the series this past week - what a divine read! Oh to liven the times with kerosene lamps, stitching at night, making cheese and butter, making your own wooden pails and collecting syrup, travelling by horse and cart - it all sounds idyllic to me! (but probably a lot more work really!!!)

I ordered some gems for me these holidays - "Prep" and "Thimble Summer" were both recommended reads from 2 blogs. I read "Prep" yesterday - it is like acting of the age story with 14 year old Lee going from Indiana to a posh boarding school in Massachusetts. -A class act says the NY Times. Easy to read in a day! I don't know if I will read it again though.

"Knitting for Good" is about how we can change the world positively by knitting, how it can slow us down and help support communities. Has patterns spread throughout it and I will read it shortly.

I adore the Pip Lincoln notecards - I also have her " Make Hey" notebook but still have to get the
"Make Hey" craft book. I would love her other books too one day!

And my most favourite book? " Embroidery Companion" by Alicia Paulson. Alicia has a blog called Posie Gets Cozy and is is one of my most favourite blogs! Look at the double page spreads!!
I received a cross stitch kit from her a couple of weeks ago too and after I have finished my 2013 NZ summer kit, I will start on that one - just in time for winter!

What books have you bought lately? Or borrowed from the library? I must go to the library a lot more!!!

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