Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday 29 March 2013

Toshette Cabled Fingerless Gloves

Every year I set myself a crafty goal. Last year it as hats (both knitted and sewen) and the year before knitting socks and sewing a shower cap. (all achieved - socks well and truly!)
My goal this year was to knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves!
Even since my sister-in-law Tracey (who lives in Switzerland!) sent me some gorgeous wool, I have been looking for a project to knit something with it! I did start a cowl, which is still on some needles, but I think I may un- do it now and knit another pair of these!
Cables are a big step up for me! I attempted them a year ago when I had tonsillitis (yay no more getting that again!), but somehow they turned out back to front???!!! It is on a cowl which I still wear and kinda looks cool both inside and outside out!

Anyway I sat down this morning and several hours later I had finished my first glove!

I am stoked - so happy and delighted with myself for how well they have turned out! And it was easy! I did have to teach myself the backwards loop cast on method too, but a you tube video sorted that out !

I think this pattern might be knitted over and over again as they would make a great gift!
I just need a wee stash of 10 ply wool....

The pattern is on Ralvery - look under Toshette fingerless gloves.

I am part way thought the 2 nd glove - I will let you know if a 50gram ball does a whole pair.


  1. It's great to learn something new, and somehow it's even better when it doesn't turn out first time, well done with cracking cable.

  2. I'm so envious I would love to be able to master cable knit, your fingerless gloves look georgeous and I love the colour, well done On achieving your goal. xx