Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The best

The best husband - 17 years married so he whisked me off to a city hotel for the night and we had dinner out at Peter Gordon's Bellotta. Great Spanish tapas - just what I like with taste!!
(I have started taking zinc to see if it helps improve my taste. Tried sushi again today - nope.)

The best weather all weekend.

The best shopping (what you get away with on your anniversary:) ) 
- wool, knitting needles, books, stationery from the Japan shop, fabric (lots of flannelette at 40% off) and a gorgeous Jamie Oliver pie dish and mug. Some of the stationery ear- marked for lots of new pen friends - little things to go with cherry mail.

And gumboots for me - a good old New Zealand brand.

Nice and relaxing and a day spent pottering with the family on the Queen's birthday. Another sock finished too and mother sock started. And the winter vege garden finally planted!

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