Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 28 June 2013


End of a week. Thank goodness.
I woke at 7.55 am this morning; jumped into shower;$ jumped out and hung out 3 loads of laundry outside - woo hoo- jumped in car and whizzed down motorway shovelling vogels into me and got to work on time! ( I hate being late - never am!)
Did an impulse grant application at school.
Processed yet more new books.
Sold just a few at our Scholastic book fair (target $1000).
Home to do more laundry and hang out tonight even if it will be 2 degrees!

Big thing - my professional registration from the New Zealand Library Association came through - woo hoo. Big deal, especially for a,primary school librarian - only 60 of us around NZ have this in schools! School librarians bottom of pile in recognition and pay... Never mind that I used to be a public library branch manager.... I keep on trucking on!

The hat I knitted last week - dropped at the airport on my first wearing - grrrrrhhhh - too lazy to go back and pick up!

Weekend - have a massive pile of old fleeces ready to chop up and make hot water bottle covers - yippee.
And knitting a lots of it. Spent a lot office this week driving around , school board meetings, stayer longer at school to do stuff etc! Need to knit my new cardigan which I am loving!

Oh and I made a little red riding old cape just like that! It will be at school disco tonight on a friend's daughter.

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