Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 23 July 2013


I may not have much motivation to jump in the car and take the boys somewhere much these hols, but I have had a ton of motivation to do some crafting.

5 pairs of winter pj pants in a few days. One last pair cut out and ready to sew. This should keep the boys going for another year or two I think! And it probably is time for me to get my machine serviced too.

Love the fabric - I have enough winter pj pants for me for ever!

Cast on a pair of socks too after finishing another pair yesterday. For the youngest , who when he saw me sewing today (pj pants for him) , told me to stop sewing and get knitting! Hee hee.

And the youngest sweet kid made me bacon and eggs for lunch. He just gets in the kitchen and cooks when he is hungry!

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