Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday, 25 August 2013

how does

stress look? Not good to me. I think this whole term has been terrible for stress and me. Just general stuff  - a bit of useless crap that i should not have to deal with. People make life hard.
Soldiering on but finding it hard to get to sleep some nights.

Hence a laid back weekend with the last soccer game of the season. That hasn't been a chore at all.
What is left is futsal and scouts and music but a family member does the music run for me, so that is one thing that is easier.

Lovely eco-store items that I won from Elainia. One of my favourite NZ blogs too.

Keep signing up for the travelling stationery bag -! Closes August 31 and all ready to send off.

Today - sleeping in with a rabbit's cape to knit, game shopping for school, laundry and general cleaning up around the house.

And a treat for me - some gorgeous little tea cup earrings from Christina Lowry -   . Cannot wait for these to arrive at school!

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  1. Glad your goodies made their way to you. Enjoy. I love the tea cup earrings.......seriously considering having my ears pierced (again) so I can get a pair. I have bought one of her necklaces though. Have a lovely week. xo