Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Shaky Isles

A fright yesterday when I got a text from the husband to say he had been in a 6.9 earthquake in our capital city, Wellington, but he was okay! (think the richter scale has been down graded now.)
The biggest problem for him was finding a taxi to get to the airport to leave on his scheduled flight.
The city was in gridlock and lots of people stranded as trains stopped etc.
And the shakes continue. The top of the South Island (Seddon) where it originated, has been pretty shaken and there is quite a bit of damage.

Today - cleaning and taking delivery of 2 new inner- sprung mattresses for the boys- why have we keep foam mattresses for soooo long?? Bunks came with them in 2006!) and delivery of two new bathroom cupboards for towels etc. Yay - more room in linen/ laundry room.
Next on list - walk in wardrobe fitted out and new carpet and paint for boys bedrooms too. Bit by bit.
The new roman blinds and curtains for lounge and dining room should arrive anytime soon too.

Overseas thing - no decision - Malaysia. No idea what will happen as yet. No time frame either.

Eldest turned 15 - no dramas/ big party just like he likes it! A cake made at home and pizza at La Porchetta for the 4 of us at home and that's it. Few family members even remembered. Oh well.

I knitted some mug cosies! Bit loose as read needle size wrong (dill!) but have two more just completed and perfect!

Cardigan knitting continues - slow craft week. Few more scrap booking pages completed but all packed up away now for next time!

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