Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Meet the bookcases

This week at school I have started the annual library stocktake. I know I am very early at starting. I mean business. There are over 8500 books in the library and another 20,000 to be scanned elsewhere in the school. Then the missing list. Then the hunting. Then the re- scanning. And more scanning. And more re- scanning. Until I am satisfied that I cannot find anything else!!
I always find lots of gems while stocktaking and always haves good sort out and sometimes a bit of a cull. Kids do not need old tatty books.

This has lead me on a journey around my house after school.Come on in and meet our bookcases.

In the lounge we have the master bookcase. The one my Dad made for us as a wedding present . The one that takes at least 4 adults to move. At least. Some of my childhood stuff. My travel books from living overseas. My collections of Tim Winton, Kate Atkinson, Margaret Mahy, Bill Bryson, Emily Perkins.

We havea set of readers that I read at school. LOVE!

Over in the corner I shelve my collection of Margaret Mahy, Kyle Mewburn, Joy Cowley, Gavin Bishop. Everything I can buy of these authors! I have my craft, knitting, sewing books. Some of my favourite novels. My Little House on the Prarire collection. Lots and lots of autographed books too!

Above the mantel piece a few very favourites - Michael Morpurgo collection. Some more signed stuff.

Over I the side lounge , my Creative Memories scrapbooks. ( several are in main lounge too.)

Let us walk into the kitchen - cookbooks. Every single Jamie Oliver one. (bar his new one which I must buy!)

Let us walk in number 3's bedroom. This bookcase has half emptied out now. His favourites? Kyle Mewburn dinosaur series, National Geogroahic, Dorling Kindersley Eye Wonder series. (gems - being re- published at the moment!)

Down the hallway into the first teens - his favourites include Louis Sachar, Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, John Marsden, Andy Griffiths.

The other teen did not want his bookcase  shown - his favourite ever series - Nicholas.

And the bookcase in my bedroom? The stationery bookcase!!! (with other stationery in baskets and cupboards ....)

What do your bookcases hold? Do you buy books every month?? What are your favourites? Your collections?

Let's do a bookcase trawl through each others houses! Link up below and join in!

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  1. I had quite a cull of paperbacks before each of our 3 house moves in 5 years, but I've still got what my OH calls way too many books - but as all bar one of my kids have left home I dont have as many as you. Will go round with the camera later and join in with this one.
    Joy xx