Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 14 November 2013

More Brisbane love

A few more photos from Brisbane. Hard to believe 2 weeks have past!

Ryan loved the eggs had smiley faces on them. Love eating out but self catering to a points always fab! I refuse to buy over priced and hideous food at touristy places like zoos/ theme parks etc. and the kid always needs snacks. I also found abrisbane water to be absolutely repulsive buti don't know if that is just my taste buds after tonsils out or if it is repulsive normally....????? It was like drinking a mouth full of dirt to me.... A lot of bottled water was bought and I loathe the concept of bottled water usually....

More lovely Australian animals - we have wallabies at Auckland Zoo but Ryan had not been born when we lived in Australia, so this was his first time at seeing Australian animals.

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