Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Swoon- dishcloth swap.

Oh my. I took part in Leonie's ( international dishcloth swap.

Today the most divine parcel arrived from Cat of Catalina's Cottage. The dishcloths are the most adorable ones I have ever ever seen! I am guessing that these might be made from the Sugar'n'creme cotton from USA that I have heard all about? And of course , I am an obsessed knitter (took socks to knit to Brisbane but I knitted so much on the flight and in the airport lounges that I finished one before I had arrived in Brisbane!!! And I did not take anymore wool with me and lamented the fact for 4 days after and the flight home... Husband is right in that I struggled not to knit for 4 days!!!!), so knitted dishcloths are right up my alley!! Will have to get the pattern from Cat and order myself some of this cotton pronto I think!

Love the lollies, my favourite brand of soap and this dishwashing liquid too!

Thanks so much Cat! You can head on over to Leonie's blog to see what I sent her.

Today - feeling rotten with a horrible cold, so have sat in a chair and knitted dishcloths and stitched in between cups of tea bought to me by husband! Did manage all this laundry... Whew!!


  1. I took part is this swap too it has been lovely seeing all the different types if dishcloths. I hope you are feeling better very soon xx

  2. So sorry I missed this blog post
    Yeah my parcel arrived and Yeah you liked everything xxx