Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Book buying

So fantastic to turn up to school today with piles and piles of books purchased over the summer.
I have an almighty backlog of new books already catalogued, covered, stamped etc ready to go out on the shelves too.

And then these big piles of brand spanking new books. It was a drive from Warehouse to Warehouse on the road trip as they always have an amazing book sale starting on Boxing Day. Lots of $5 things like fairy tales, Collins etc.

Tip for Aucklanders who are big into children's books - Scholastic at Lady Ruby Drive in East Tamaki have a little shop there called Lucky's Bookshop which is open Monday to Friday from 10-4.15 pm.
The BEST place to buy books in town in my opinion. Scholastic seems to be getting in a lot of other publishers material too, so it is not just Scholastic.

Yesterday's bargains -
$4 Billy B Brown (such a great series for beginner chapter book readers)
$7 NZ Scholastic picture books
$7 Geronimo Stilton/ Thea Stilton/ Tom Gates / NZ Story / Percy Jackson...
$9 for the set of all 3 Hunger Games books
$9 hardcover picture books
A bin of 2.50 chapter books 
$5 Wearable Arts book (all teachers need this!)

Etc etc. loads of stuff for school teachers too. Lots of chapter books for teenagers too

I came out with an amazing collection for $350 - slowly getting through my grant money!

They also open their warehouse several times a year and everything is 50% off.

Now just to find the time at school to process etc. I think a good weed might be needed or more shelving! I am now at the buying plastic bin stage to have more room for books.

And the Dominion Road Salvation Army shop (one close to Balmoral Warehouse) has a lot of Golden Books too for the retro fans!


  1. WOW!! I am so jealous of that job!!! I LOVE books!! I have a library (a small one) in my house and I can't get enough books! I bought some books at the Warehouse today heavily reduced - gotta love a book bargain!!