Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 26 January 2014

end of holidays

I feel like we have all had great summer holidays (some since December 6!) Loved all the freedom - semi- freedom to me due to study. But also stoked that a few days before Christmas and up to now I have written 2 decent size essays and am now studying for the exam in 17 days..
Hurdle will be school and dealing with that and the rest of my life. it is just crazy at the start of the end with loads of students turning up that we have no idea are coming and the piles and piles and piles of hundreds of books to sort for teachers etc. All good - mostly. Few things to iron out. And the $1200 dollars I spend on new books over the hols - all stacked up at school waiting for spare time.
Loved my travel around the North island. I know Kieran had the time of his life at the NZ Scout jamobree - only super-ceded in his life by our England trip in 2009 and the Europe trip in 2011. I do feel a bit that I have spent a lot of time on study and kinda left the boys to their own devices, but that they are growing up and do not want their mother hovering over them.
last few days... dishcloths - love the new pattern! And a sock knitted in lickity quickity time! Adore the wool used from Knitworld - NZ merino by John Q (Impressionista Autumn.)
A pile of new magazines bought last week which are taunting me - to be opened up once exam over... testing my willpower once again! (yes we are weeks behind in New Zealand with issues!)
And the gorgeous new impulse tin bought at Typo on Friday night.
And a growing pile by the front door for next op shop drop off.
Nice simple things giving me great pleasure at the end of the hols!
Hope everyone is relaxed and ready for the back to school rush (and that you have a bit of money left in your wallet for a mum treat - we survived 6-7 weeks - yeah!)


  1. I have tin envy, love it. Have a great week! xo

  2. Love the dishcloths!! Thanks for your swap parcel, I loved it and will blog about it soon!! (if that is OK with you?) I have posted your parcel this morning... :) What 'wool' do you use for dishcloths? Is it a cotton based one? I'd like to give it a go....

    1. These are knitted with "Sugar'n'creme" cotton - USA cotton. My most favourite to use now for dishcloths. It is gorgeous and a thicker one. I also sometimes use just the ordinary Panda Cotton, a UK organic cotton and recycled cotton which is called "freedom echo" by twilleys of Stamford. (that is a UK one too.)
      Always use 100% cotton.
      Glad parcel arrived and you love.