Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Facebook Pass it on

I signed up via Facebook and a few friends to a "Pass It On" last week.
The idea is that you come up with something random any time over the next year - it could be a visit, an outing, a gift, a good deed, a ticket etc.
My random thing which i am giving to 5 friends is a dishcloth knitted by me, a dish brush and a bottle of dishwashing liquid!
i've told them no-one will have my idea. ;) It was a fab idea gained from Cat of Catalina's Cottage blog fame when she sent me a gorgeous dishcloth and dishwashing liquid in a swap last year. I loved it!
My first friend just laughed and laughed and loved it. I am hoping the others do too, when i catch up with them next week when the last school finally starts!
(Kikki K ordered far too many bags and red tissue paper in for Christmas, so I was lucky to score a decent bunch of both!) >br>


  1. What a fab and unique gift idea :-)

  2. I think this is a brilliant gift. Even after just tying off the 15th dishcloth I've knit in the last week...nothing is better than a fresh dishcloth. If you are on Ravelry. There is a Dishcloth and Soap Swap Group. Every month you swap just a cloth and a bar of soap with a partner.

  3. Great idea!! Love the dish cloths :)

  4. love this and what a fabulous swap idea!!
    hugs xo