Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Waitangi Day

I think I have decided I might nearly be a super woman! Stephen is overseas working. He comes back on Saturday, only to fly to Tonga on Monday. This did not go down with me when I found out on Wednesday (always little notice with his job) - in fact we had a good fight. We hardly ever fight. Not his fault I know> But just not good timing for me with uni exam next Wednesday...
Today we have hung out at home. I have, disgracefully, basically ignored the boys..... Well at 10/12/15 I think they can look after themselves...Study, study, study for me...
I have run around the supermarket grabbing food; run into The Warehouse and bought parallel imported Adidas and Puma tees and shorts for Kieran for his birthday in a few months at the bargain price of $12.60 and $10.60 each; run into K-Mart and found summer pjs for next year for $5.00 a pair. First lot of shopping since December for me! That is really good for me. I have been trying to cut back on stuff which is not needed!!
Then four year 11 boys all turned up to hang out at our house for the day. funny how parents are the last to find this out. But it is always good to see the mates your kids hang out with!
more study. Dinner of hot chicken, salads from deli bar, hot chips and chicken bites. Lazy food to me, which I hardly do, but today dictates it.. essay memorization is not fun!
Hope all the kiwis had a good Waitangi day - I could get used to a day off like this every week. :)

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  1. A day spent in the swimming pool and a bbq with friends :)