Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Sunday 16 March 2014

A Little Storm

Well Cyclone Lusi did not pack as much punch as we assumed it would in our part of the city. Actually it was rather pathetic and we have had much stronger wind and rain other times. Other parts on the city and up north fared a lot less better than us.
Husband away in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and China for work... I am on my own for a while. I get through. I always get through and things possibly are a lot more lenient but hey, that is what works for me. Everyone knows that arguments are not tolerated and they may not get fed as well ;), but we get there. I hate the school drives' the weeks conflicting with things like parent teacher interviews, 4 hour first aid course after school, school board meetings... the kids are left on their own quite a bit.... few family members to help..... luckily one is old enough to babysit! >br> Achieved today - good visit to adidas store - fussy dressers my kids; vege garden planted and a few new pots bought which now have cheery potted colour in , inside and outside. Yay.
Weekend winner - knitting my first ever pair of baby booties - awwh - so sweet and tiny! And starting another sock. Yay.
Bit of study achieved too! Good weekend. Even a decent dinner tonight - need to learn how to carve up a chook - do you know how?

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