Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Saturday, 22 March 2014

little willpower

I am totally useless. The De-stash market was part of Crafternoon Tea this morning. I was doing so well with my will power for all of 10 minutes and NOT going to go... but kept on getting texts from friends saying I must come down, I MUST come down! It is so close to home.... well, all my will power went out of the window!
fabric and vintage teatowels... All at $2-3 a piece/bundle
Wool for $13 (and this week I gave away a reusable supermarket bag full of wool to a workmate to knit baby clothes with)
Sweet hearts for $1 each.
English bone china plate and cotton bargains - all For $12. Head along to St Peter's College Fair tomorrow in Epsom from 11 am - the craft stall is AMAZING - yours truly has made some things for them (no assoication with school apart from having a bunch of my son's mates who go there.)

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  1. kimberly.... still no sign of my package??? I"m getting worried now. Customs said it left US NYC on March 15th...