Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Maths angst

Maths angst from the mother! Fronting up at a school tomorrow due to a summons to see HOD Maths and maths teacher. Kid is failing big time. Can't do it. No interest in doing it. Probably years behind. Struggled for years. How can a kid go from a stanine 7 at one place to a stanine 4 the next year??????? Kid, due to this, places no realiability on any formal testing anymore. A smart kid who is well above the average kid, but who is also mild aspergers, but you really wouldn't know it outwardly.
Problem is a very low processing function of 16%...... never finished a maths exam and never will. All up there but just takes a loooooooong time to think and write it down! No matter how many times you go over something, it does not stick... Big year and big exams. >br> We spend hours and hours helping him but it fails. School bending over backwards to help (and always have.) I think our Numeracy project is possibly failing thousands of kids and the way maths is being taught I am getting very frustrated over. His school hates the numeracy project and swears all the newbies are turning up confused.
Big problem kids moving from one school to next schooling level and being taught differently too. I have seen many formerly thought they were great at maths kids fall down in the self esteem level and it is not good.
All I will say is 4 years of spanish is over so one school stress gone but maths...
seriouslt getting to the point where he quits maths at the end of year 11....

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