Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 10 April 2014

Out of the ark?

After just buying my middle child new tramping boots (size 10!) and a new swish Kathmandu school bag (which alone was my day's pay! - I have learnt not to buy cheap school bags but the one bought for $50 at the beginning of the year when it was half price is stuffed already...)- I ran into JB Hi-fi and bought some cds - I have not bought any for ages. I have 2 I-pods and of course a phone, but never use them for music (in fact I-pods have not been used for a loooong time!).
I am stoked that I have all 5 of the Thompson twin cds for $10 ! And 10,000 maniacs back catalogue for $10 too. And bought the new Neil Finn cd and a Neil Finn/Paul Kelly compilation - bit of a splurge. I listen to cds when driving to/from school. The husband just cracked up at me buying cds - he thinks I should just I-tune everything... but I love the real thing. (much like books and e-books...)Do you think cds are from the ark?
I made this sweet dishcloth over the past couple of nights - I wrote the pattern down from a blog, but I cannot remember which one now! Autumn is here BUT we have had such a humid past few days and I al still in summer sleeveless frocks.
>br> And yet another sock - a pair finished in 2 weeks.
The tomatoes are dead and the beans nearly too - we have been watering all the new winter veges, but figure the beans and tomatoes were near the end. We have had such a successful garden this summer. We now seriously need rain.
I have an essay to fine tune before Sunday night - still little motivation with this university paper - end of term at school is crazy and we have our old principal's funeral tomorrow. Virtually the entire staff is going - it will be hard.
I need the holidays...

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  1. Was the dish cloth pattern via Retro Mummy? I remember seeing something similar xo