Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Thursday 22 May 2014

new things from Australia

I was underweight coming home. Yep. Even with a visit to Bendigo Woollen Mills. It WAS fab, but i kinda felt quite over whelmed. This is all I came home with... (for me this is conservative).

But when my bedroom corner looks like this, and I have a new drawer in my wardrobe full of this..

I kinda do not need much more wool! It was a divine place, with an incredible back room - so cheap! All so cheap to me actually! There is always mail order... usually once a year for my birthday. The service was superb. It was very busy with only one poor staff member. The back room was as good as I have heard.And I am thrilled to have a shade card finally.

And these! Don't laugh! :) Organic. Never seen organic in New Zealand. I love! If anyone has seen organic in NZ , please let me know where (probably double the price to Australia.). Bought at both Coles and Woolworths. ( I left my entire toilet bag at home, so had to replace everything).  I love supermarkets elsewhere. And at Coles - clothing!! I bought a $7 tee and a $12 pj waffle top.
H & M - oh my. No words really due to volume of people. Totally overwhelmed by it and grabbed items for boys (organic cotton tees - soooo cheap -and sweatwhirts);  queued for an age and left. A pair of tights and socks for me, and a striped tea towel, nothing else. Too much for me! I'd fly back to England/Europe over the Melbourne store anyday. It will calm down one day i guess.

My most favourite item? This wool cup from Bendigo pottery. Gorgeous! Kristy and I spent a few hours there - it was brillaint!
I don't need a lot. A few small momentos make me happy!

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