Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Friday, 22 August 2014


Friday afternoon. Hooray. I've moved mountains at school and dug holes at home...

One kid in bed with a 40.2 temperature - yikes.

One trip to the optometrist this morning - and an $800 bill for LENSES alone (progressives.) Yes - in the past I have been to specsavers and not that impressed.... And they will not put new lenses in perfectly decent good frames, of which I have 3 of.

Then a bill mid-morning for $650 for school exams - my was I naive. I had no idea about this.

And then another bill for $800 later in the day.

Crikey. A months pay gone in a day!

I am kinda happy though that last night (before I was aware of two of these figures), that I had ordered a bunch of DMC threads to start stitching the "Pretty Little London" cross stitch.
Go here to see the other amazing patterns available. I also bought the Amsterdam and Sydney patterns.

I do think I am dreaming as have an essay and a MONTH'S worth of study to do before I head down to university in a WEEK.... I have honestly been plodding away most nights, but the research for this essay alone is a lot of work.

I think it will be quiet weekend at home getting children well, enjoying the sunshine , doing a ton of loads of laundry and just staying put.

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